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Website Security

Protect your website and applications
against cyber threats. Get peace of mind.

Malware detection

We implement a daily scan of your website — both the frontend and server level resources.

Web application firewall

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF*) inspects, detects and remove any malicious software.

Brute force prevention*

Get protected against manual brute force attacks in real-time. Restrict anomalous activities.

Managed security

Smart protection

Most site owners aren't aware of the different cyber threats, but we are – and we protect your site against each one of them and more.

Take the necessary step towards comprehensive security by preventing your website and applications from being attacked. Haqqman can help you implement smart protection and protect your visitors, keep a backup copy of your website and data. Just in case. — we’ll manage it all for you.


SSL Certificates

We take all necessary steps towards ensuring comprehensive security by implementing several features that will help keep hackers out. It is necesary to maintain an SSL certificate to protect data in transit, while protecting data already stored on your website.

We will implement an SSL certificate which provides a secure digital tunnel that blocks hackers from seeing user informations such as names, usernames, passwords, credit/debit cards details and more.

Google serves only secure URLs in the search results.

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Boost visitor confidence

Start your URL with https://


Show visitors you’re trustworthy.


8,500 / first year

₦5,000/yr when you renew*

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